Carnivore Dough Mix Aqua Natural


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Aqua Natural Premium Carnivore Powder is made from 100% natural wholefoods. Preservative and chemical free.

Simply mix with water to create fresh and nutritious dough balls.

Carnivore fish are meat-eaters and generally have a large mouth with sharp pointed teeth. Carnivores have a short intestinal tract and a large stomach. Their digestive system lacks the ability to digest vegetable matter, so even though they might eat plants, they cannot derive nutrients from them as other types of fish do.

70g of powder makes 140g of food.

Can also be sprinkled without making dough.


Steam Dried Whole Salmon,Brine Shrimp,Bloodworms,Blackworms,Krill,Mysis Shrimp,River Shrimp,Soya Meal (as binder)


Crude protein min 38.0%

Crude fat min 4.0%

Crude fibre max 5.0%

Moisture max 8.0%


In a separate container, mix 1 part Carnivore Powder with equal amount of water (hot or cold) and form a paste. The paste can then be rolled by hand into balls. Drop into the aquarium as needed or stick to the glass. Unused dough can be frozen or kept in the fridge for up to 4 days.