Dainichi COLOR FX 500g Baby Sinking Pellet

Aqua Premium

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COLOR FX represents the most progressive advances in cichlid nutrition
we have ever offered to cichlid hobbyists. Utilizing Dainichi's advanced
encapsulation technology to the fullest, this outstanding formula is
packed with features found in no other food brand in the industry.
For starters, there are an unprecedented seven applications of highly
nutritious as well as potent color intensifiers like shrimp, Antarctic krill,
Cyclop-eeze , NatuRose (Haematococcus algae) and raw,
un-cooked spirulina. As in all Dainichi foods, there is calcium
montmorillonite clay to simulate the natural ingestion of mineral
particles and to bind and neutralize metabolic toxins.
Raw, fully potent vitamins, digestive enzymes and garlic
ensure that the fish are healthy and free of internal
parasites. Furthermore, the scouring action of
the clay enhances the rejuvenation of the digestive
tract which when combined with only two sources
of starch (flour as binder and wheat germ as a source of vitamin E and B)
makes COLOR FX a superb choice of food for even the most delicate of herbivores

White fish meal, wheat germ, wheat flour, shrimp, soybean meal, spirulina, krill, Cyclop-eeze , brewer 's yeast, calcium montmorillonite clay, powdered milk, vitamin mix, mineral mix, garlic,NatuRose (Haematococcus algae), protease and natural gum