Dainichi KOI ALL-SEASON 5Kg Small Floating Pellet

Aqua Premium


Protein; 39%, Fat 6%, Fiber 4%, Moisture 9%, Ash 9%, Calicum 2%, Phosphourus 0.7%

Centuries of experience have taught the great breeders of Japan that the key to producing the magnificent koi all enthusiasts dream of collecting is the synergisitic effect of good water quality, select bloodlines and nutritious food. Koi need a finely turned diet to maximize their health and beauty.

Now, all Dainichi fish food contain calcium, montmorillonite clay. This bentonite clay contains more than 60 mineral compounds,koi food supplement

has been proven to be immensely helpful in enhancing digestion and growth, as well as neutralizing metabolic toxins. In an artificial

environment such as a fish tank or pond, the clay helps return minerals to the water and stabilizes its chemical make-up. In this way, the

water more closely resembles the natural habitat of koi.

In comparison with other food brands, Dainichi foods are much higher in protein content. This is due to our use of

high protein ingredients like spirulina (52-62%) and krill (62%),as well as our abstinence from using low-grade low quality filler of any kind.