Dainichi KOI COLOR INTENSIFIER 500g Small Floating Pellet

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COLOR INTENSIFIER is Dainichi's most potent color enhancing koi formula. It is heavily concentrated with pure cultured spirulina and Antarctic krill. Our exclusive encapsulation process provides color enhancement not possible with the conventional production methods. The result of this unique feature is that thecolor enhancers and other nutritive ingredients are in their raw, un-cooked state making them unequally potent. As an added benefit, this two-step application of vitamins and minerals, especially vitamins C & E, ensure that the luster, sheen and whites of your koi are always at their best.

Color food uses a formula with a special vitamin and mineral coating after the extrusion process to assure optimum nutritional potency. This cold process ensures that ingredients which would normally be denatured, or even totally destroyed, by exposure to heat are kept at their full potency. Active digestive enzymes and no fillers promote digestion rates up to 90%. The addition of the montmorillonite clay provides a unique complex of minerals not found in any mineral pre-mix. Clinical research, as well as tests on the consumer level, reveal montmorillonite clay to be an invaluable aid in nurturing growth and health of all aquatic animals . Dainichi Color

All ingredients are of the highest and freshest quality. This yields a very nutritious food that is high in protein but easily digested, by even the most delicate fish species. Guaranteed Analysis

  • Crude Protein Min 43%
  • Crude Fat Min 4%
  • Crude Fiber Max 5%
  • Calcium Max 2%
  • Moisture Max 9%

The quality standards to which Dainichi koi Food are held to, are the highest in the world. Our formulations originated at the the most elite level of koi breeding in Niigata, Japan, and it is with great pride that we offer koi hobbyists and connoisseurs the exact same foods used each year by the most successful breeders of Niigata.