First Bites - 10g

Pet Allience


Hikari First Bites is a semi floating fry food for newborn fish. This high protein food fulfils the nutritional requirements that newborn fry require for the early stage of life. Contains premium selected fish meal for a protein and amino acid rich diet as well as vitamins and minerals to help body and skeletal development.

Minimum order quantity is 12 and multiples of 12.

Suitable for: Live Bearers (ovoviviparous) fish from birth and Egg Layers (oviparous) as soon as the yolk sack is consumed.

Feed often throughout the day but only an amount the fish will consume within a minute (18 - 30 Celsius).

It is always best to under feed rather than over feed. Remove all uneaten food after feeding to help maintain water quality.

Crude Protein: min 48%; Crude Fat: min 3%; Crude Fibre: max 1%; Moisture: max 10%; Crude Ash: max 15%;