Habistat Pulse Proportional Thermostat - (Max 600W)

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HabiStat Pulse Proportional Thermostat White 600w

The best way to regulate the temperature of your ceramic heat lamps and other non-light emitting heaters is to use a Habistat Pulse Proportional Thermostat. Reliable and sophisticated, it sends bursts of power to your unit to maintain the right temperature.

A cleverly designed Pulse Proportional Thermostat, this Habistat Thermostat is perfect for managing the heat created by non-light-emitting reptile heat sources, such as Ceramic Heaters and Heat Mats.

Rather than simply turning on/off, or varying the intensity of your heating equipment, the Habistat Pulse Proportional sends pulses of varying frequency to your ceramic heating equipment or heat mat to gradually and gently increase the temperature your reptile experiences.

Because it sends pulses, it isn't suitable for glass heat bulbs, but is perfect for non-light emitting heaters, and is one of the most popular thermostats sold by Swell Reptiles.

Capable of handling equipment up to 600w through a single output, it features and accurate sensor to monitor your vivarium or terrarium temperature and adjusts accordingly with speed.

Comes with an amazing 5 Years Guarantee!

Available in Black and White