MantaRay 8000 Filter Pump 8700LH 4.5mh H 10m Cable


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Pond One MantaRay 8000 Filter Pump 8700LH 4.5mh H 10m Cable
The Pond One MantaRay Pond Filter Pump allows you to recreate the power of natural waterfalls in your garden. If you simply need a reliable pump that can deliver large volumes of water to your filtration system, the MantaRay is your perfect partner. Designed for the job, this pump makes maintenance easy and lets you carry on enjoying your pond. Versatility, convenience and clever thinking are standard features with the MantaRay and it is backed by a 3 Year Guarantee for your peace of mind.

Features & Benefits:

The MantaRay features frequency inversion technology which allows the pump to work at maximum efficiency for the conditions it is used in.
The MantaRay is a very economical pump to run. The pump technology used gives a significant drop in energy consumption compared to previous models.
The MantaRay has built in dry water protection and overload protection to minimise any chance of damage to the pump caused by running without water.
The design and precision manufacture of the MantaRay means that it runs with minimal vibration, noise and electromagnetic interference. Give your fish a quiet, stress free environment to flourish in.
The outlet of the MantaRay is multi directional in every respect. This allows the hose to be connected in any direction, even across a pond floor. The efficient ball joint design minimises frictional resistance and maximises flow.
Convenient and simple. The stylish yet practical construction of the all enclosing pump strainer housing is not only designed with low maintenance characteristics. It is also fast and simple to disassemble with minimal need for
The MantaRay inverter motor features a solid particles handling impeller. The impeller housing is simple to remove for those occasional instances when cleaning is required. The whole rotor and impeller assembly is also replaceable as you would expect on heavy duty long life pumps.
The ingenious design of the strainer minimises maintenance even further with the help of the leaf guards raised above the holes. This feature reduces the likelihood of leaves settling on the strainer, which may block the inflow of water to the pump, this maximising water flow for longer periods between cleaning.

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