Maxspect XF330CE Cloud Edition Twin Pack

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Cloud Enabled

Control your Gyre pumps anywhere around the world over the Cloud with our Syna-G Cloud app

The all new Gyre Advanced Cloud Controller

With a large 3.2" TFT LCD color display, complete gyre circulation status within your aquarium at a glimpse 

Now comes with over 20 water pattern presets

Easily choose the ideal water pattern for your aquarium with a touch of button, without any programing needed

Experience the revolutionary multi-directional water flow

The flow cages and directors have undergone a complete overhaul, now with 4 sides horizontal and vertical water flow

Flow cage with 4 sides vertical water flow directors


Clip-on flow director


Flow director with 4 sides horizontal water flow directions

How to improve on the Gyre 300 Series' already excellent water flow

Try to mix-and-match the following flow to create the ideal flow pattern for your aquarium

There are only 2 sides flow cage and director on Gyre 300 Series

Wheres there are 4 sides on Gyre 300 Cloud Edition


Example of water flow patterns

Here are a few samples of what kind of unique water flow patterns that can be created in your aquarium

Even vertical water circulation


Wide horizontal water flow


Spot horizontal water flow

Even vertical water circulation


Wide horizontal water flow


Spot horizontal water flow

 Water flow from left Gyre outlet

 Water flow from right Gyre outlet


Model Name XF330 Cloud Edition XF350 Cloud Edition
Power Consumption 5-35W 5-52W
Flow Rate 9,000L/H (2,377 US Gal/H) 20,000L/H (5,283 US Gal/H)
Suitable for Aquarium 100-500L/26-132 US Gal 300-3,000L/79-792 US Gal
Power Supply Unit 100-240V/50-60Hz 100-240V/50-60Hz
Dimension L265 x W65 x H34mm
10.5 x 2.5 x 1.25 inch
L325 x W75 x H38mm
12.75 x 3x 1.5 inch
Weight(Pump Unit) 575g/20.3oz 645g/22.8oz
Cable: pump to controller 3m/9.8ft 3m/9.8ft
Cable: PSU to controller 1.5m/4.9ft 1.5m/4.9ft
Glass thickness: standard  15mm/0.59inch 20mm/0.79inch
Glass thickness: Reinforcement  20mm/0.79inch 25mm/0.98inch