Repti-Zoo Beam Spot Lamp Range

Absolute Aquariums

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Repti-Zoo Beam Spot spot heating lamp for lighting and heating reptiles, amphibians and invertebrates. The flask emits ultraviolet radiation, which affects the natural activities of the animal. It has a reflector that increases the emission of light and ultraviolet radiation.

The product increases temperatures throughout the catwalk and features a unique lens shape and built-in reflector to create a heat island, reduce heat loss and increase UVA emission, resulting in better heat dissipation and 35% UVA emission.

The lamp emits UVA and infrared rays that promote the proper development of the pet (digestion, thermoregulation, stimulates reproductive behavior, increases appetite, affects activity).

Creates areas of warm and strong infrared light and increases the temperature throughout the terrarium. Point action allows you to install the product at a greater distance from the bottom of the podium.