Repti-Zoo Heat Cable 50W 7m (RS7050) heating cable

Absolute Aquariums


The heating cable  Repti-Zoo Heat Cable 50W 7m (RS7050) is ideal for heating any type of terrarium. The flexible heating wire is covered with a thick layer of silicone, which ensures water resistance and resistance to mechanical damage. Repti-Zoo cables are the only ones that do not emit an electromagnetic field that changes the behavior of animals.

Adequate heating of the terrarium is the health of breeding reptiles, amphibians and mammals. Stimulates metabolism, appetite, reproductive behavior and significantly improves digestion.

The cable maintains a constant temperature and is suitable for connecting to any type of device that regulates its operation. A thick silicone coating makes it easier to lay the cable and ensures its water resistance and resistance to any mechanical damage.

Repti-Zoo Heat Cable heating cables are equipped with a special electrical resistor that eliminates the emission of electromagnetic fields that can affect the behavior of animals. The electromagnetic field emitted by the globe must remain constant, as some animals base their orientation on it. Violation of this field can have adverse consequences and lead to excessive stress, anemia and turbidity of the animal. Unfortunately, most cables do not have adequate shielding and emit a strong electromagnetic field.

The use of a resistor and a high-quality large keystone placed at the end of the cable significantly improves the quality of heating and ensures the reliability and trouble-free operation of the device for a long time.

Technical characteristics:
- power: 50 W
- total cable length: 8.5 m
- heating cable length: 7 m
- power cord: 1.5 m