JBL Symec Filterwool 1000g

Aqua Premium


JBL Symec Filterwool 1000g

  • Fast, one-time removal of micro-fine clouding in freshwater and saltwater aquariums: single-use wool for aquarium filters
  • Easy to use: select quantity of wool (suitable for all filters) as required. Insert as last stage of filtration. Remove material after 12 to 24 hours (to avoid filter clogging)
  • Crystal-clear water: filters off floating algae, finest types of clouding and all particles of 1/1000 mm upwards, including white spot disease swarmers
  • No release of pollutants and fibres fully synthetic, residue-free filter wool
  • Contents: 1 x single-use filter wool for aquarium filters.

Clean and healthy water
Plant and food remains and metabolic substances lead to a deterioration of the quality of the water in the aquarium. Good water quality is necessary for healthy fish and plants. This can be achieved with various filters and filter materials. The filters suck in the aquarium water and remove the pollution and waste materials with the filter material from the water.

Easy to use
Put corresponding amount of filter wool as last stage of filtration into the filter. Avoid gaps between the inner wall and filter. Remove filter material after 12 hours, latest 24 hours, from the aquarium to avoid clogging of the filter and a significantly restricted water flow. Only for single use.

Fine filtering
The fine material filters even the smallest particles of 1/1000 mm upwards out of the water. Thus floating algae and finest types of clouding can be removed from the water within the shortest time.

Can be used without fear of side effects
No release of pollutants into the water thanks to residue-free wool.