Marine Pure 8x8x1 Plate

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Marine Pure

MarinePure is much more environmentally friendly than using live rock that has been -harvested out of the ocean
-It will not introduce pests (like Aiptasia, Majano ís or predatory crabs) into your tank -like live rock potentially wood
-Better value due to higher performance
-Reduced tank maintenance
-Allows for higher fish loads
-Can use a smaller filtration footprint
-More consistent water chemistry
-Easy to shape
-Chemically inert
-Can be used in Freshwater Tanks and Fish Ponds.

-Essentially MarinePure is designed to specifically target ammonia and nitrite removal and to minimise nitrates by providing an enormous surface area for beneficial bacteria in your aquarium or pond to colonise. The product is far more efficient than anything else available as can be seen in the chart below.