Marine Pure GEMS 90g (up to 260lt Tanks)

Aqua Premium

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High-Performance Biofilter Media for Nano Tanks!

Inert and chemically stable, MarinePure Gems are a great addition to any aquarium that needs more biofiltration. Bacteria prefer to grow on surfaces, and by adding more surface area in your aquarium, you will give more space for beneficial bacteria to grow and proliferate which can help reduce nutrients and maintenance. The Gems can be placed anywhere under water, in the sump, back chambers of an All-In-One aquarium, inside overflows, or anyplace where a decent amount of flow around the Gems would be present.

Average Gem Size - 18 mm - 20 mm

For Tanks up to 70 Gallons

Open porosity
1,450 in2 of surface area per box
Lowers tank maintenance
Does not create a mini-cycle
Stable & inert
Can be placed almost anywhere

How to use:

Rinse the gems with saltwater or RODI water to remove any dust or loose particles. Place the gems in a canister filter, HOB filter, or any other high flow place throughout your tank. It is suggested to have them placed after mechanical filtration to keep debris and detritus from clogging the gems exterior pores.

It can take a few weeks for results to be seen, but adding beneficial bacteria like Microbacter7 from Brightwell or Dr.Tims's One & Only can help speed up the process.

What's Included?

90g (3.2oz) MarinePure Gems