LumenIZE 24W Pro T5 UVB Kit + UV-B Lamp

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Arcadia LumenIZE Pro T5 24w UVB Lighting Kit

Unlock the Power of LumenIZE Arcadia Reptile introduces the first app-controlled T5 UV-B and Jungle Dawn LED Bar systems, combining precise control with energy efficiency.  Your key to the best reptile lighting and advancing animal welfare.’  

Take full control of your reptile’s lighting with the intuitive Arcadia Reptile LumenIZE app, providing seamless control and customisation via your smartphone or tablet. The LumenIZE app can control up to 50 lamps per device, includes optional password protection, name each lamp and has helpful additional functions such as manual control per lamp, a lamp test function and a notes section. 

LumenIZE has been designed to break moulds, increase welfare and help push effective, ethical reptile keeping much further. 

Arcadia LumenIZE Pro T5s of various wattages. These luminaires are dimmable via Bluetooth and app control. The app allows programming of light levels and dimming times. The luminaire is IP65 waterproof. The luminaire has an aluminium body with plastic end caps and a built in reflector. The luminaire is fitted with three rows of closely spaced LED diodes. Clip mountings, mains and link cables included

Our trusted T5 lamps from 8w Shade Dweller right up to 54w are available within the LumenIZE® enabled ProT5 kits in all % of UV-B.

Dimensions: 570mm Long x 60mm Wide x 45mm High