Maxspect Jump Refugium Light MJ-LI30

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Maxspect MJ-L130 LED Refugium Lighting System

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With our proprietary technology, the L165 LED lighting system can be easily configured to different color spectrums without sacrificing performance!

Maxspect has released images and information about a brand-new LED aquarium light called the MJ-L130. It comprises a fanless, passively cooled fixture measuring 9½”x 4¾”x 1¼”/242x124x28.5mm, populated with 32 light emitting diodes and with a maximum power consumption of 30 watts. Two variants will be available, the MJ-L130, populated with White, Sky Blue, Deep Blue, Violet, and UV LEDs, and the MJ-L130R, the R standing for Refugium, and populated with White, Red, and Deep Blue diodes.

The new Maxspect MJ-L130 features passive cooling and an inline controller
Preset programs
Instead of app control for this slimmed-down Jump light, Maxspect has opted for an inline controller with fixed, one-touch photoperiod programs. These comprise “10000K”, “16000K”, and “SPS Thrive AB+” for the MJ-L130, and “All Purpose,” “Enhanced Growth,” and “Macroalgae Thrive AB+” for the MJ-L130R, with six, ten, and 12-hour photoperiod options for both.

Refugium Light
The Refugium light will appeal to those who need to light Chaetomorpha in their sumps and in moist, salty situations like that, the omission of a fan is probably a good thing. The MJ-L130R may also appeal to the growing number of aquarists who grow macroalgae for ornamental purposes, in planted, saltwater aquascapes.