Red Sea Reefer 100 Micron Felt Fine Polish Filter Bag 100mm/260mm

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Red Sea Micron Felt & Thin Mesh aquarium filter bags
A range of 3 high quality, reusable aquarium filter bags providing different levels of mechanical filtration. These 10.5″/26cm long filter bags for Red Sea’s REEFER and MAX-S aquariums will also fit any standard 4″/10cm filter bag holder.
Red Sea’s 100 & 225 micron aquarium Felt filter bags
Available in 2 porosities, the felt filter bags are very effective at trapping particulate matter in the thick wall of the bag.
Compare the RedSea Filter Socks:
100 micron felt filter bags are designed to provide fine ‘polishing’ of water that is already low in particulate matter (mature aquariums).
225 micron felt filter bags are ideal for regular day to day use and enable a longer period between cleaning than with the 100 micron bags.
Red Sea’s 225 micron Thin-Mesh aquarium filter bags
225 micron thin-mesh aquarium filter bags are perfect for new setups and after heavy maintenance or whenever there is a lot of particulate matter in the water. They are also suitable as a holder for other mechanical or chemical filter media. The monofilament construction of these bags makes them very easy to clean. These bags are now used in REEFER and MAX-S Systems