OCTO Classic 90-HOB Hang-On Skimmer

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OCTO Classic Protein Skimmers 90-HOB (Hang On Back)

?"Over a decade of proven reliability.

Did you know?

We are the first protein skimmer manufacturer in the world that designs and produces our own skimmer pumps. Our skimmer pumps have been specifically engineered to enhance and increase the efficiency of our protein skimmers.

Product Name: OCTO Classic Protein Skimmers

Model/Type: EXT

Series: OCTO

Features & Benefits

  • Low profile body
  • Air Silencers
  • Single output
  • Solid Acrylic Construction
  • Adaptive Surface Water Degreasing function
  • Powered by our very own Aquatrance pump
  • Dual Chamber Reaction for specific models


Warranty (against manufacturing defect):

Reef Octopus Hang-On Back Classic skimmers are a proverbial favourite. With its unique design, the pump is mounted externally and under the actual skimmer body (HOB-1000, 2000 and Classic -90) allowing for much less room needed behind the aquarium and less heat-to-water exchange.

The Reef Octopus Classic series HOB is constructed of high-quality acrylic and equipped with the new highly efficient Aquatrance pinwheel pump that produces an ideal mix of water and air for optimal waste removal.

What's included

Hob Included classic 90-HOB

Technical Data

  1. Skimmers


Classic 90-HOB

Skimmer Size Classic 90-HOB

Explosion Charts

Explosion Chart for Classic 90-HOB

Explosion Chart for Classic 90-HOB