Aquael Canister Filter Ultramax 1000

Aqua Premium

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Aquael Filter Ultramax 1000
External filter for aquarium with a capacity of 100-300l.
It has a built-in pre-filter that can be cleaned without opening the entire filter.

complete set with inserts
very large capacity of filtration media
ideal conditions for the development of nitrifying bacteria
built-in pre-filter without the need for frequent filter cleaning
the possibility of any configuration of filtration media
Smooth performance adjustment
simple adjustment of the filter work rate to the user needs
mechanism of automatic priming of the filter at the first start
extremely quiet operation thanks to the ceramic rotor axis
integrated shut-off valves.
Technical data:
Filter capacity: 11l
Number of cartridge pods: 4
Maximum performance (l / h): 1000
Power: 10W
Maximum lifting (cm): 160
Diameter of hoses: 16/22
In the set of cartridges:
thick sponge
Bioceramax 600
standard sponge
AquaEl Ultramax series:
Aquael Ultramax is an innovative, technically advanced canister filter with patented solutions. They guarantee extraordinary ergonomics of use, ensure perfect water purity and its parameters in every aquarium.

The applied prefilter built into the filter cover limits the frequency of cleaning the cartridges, moreover, it can be removed without having to disassemble the device and even without having to remove it from the cabinet.

Double valves guarantee filter tightness, and the simple way to disconnect the hoses ensures speed and convenience of use. In addition, the device is characterized by extremely low energy consumption. The ULTRAMAX line includes three models (ULTRAMAX 1000, 1500, 2000) with capacities ranging from 1000 to 2000 l / h.