Fx6 Fluval Canister Filter

Pet Pacific

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The FX6 compact super capacity canister processes and circulates 3500 litres of water every hour and accommodates the stack of media baskets with a capacity of up to 5.9 litres of media. The combination of precision engineered baskets eliminate any water by-pass.
Designed at a height of only 54cm (21in), the FX6 fits under most aquariums.
The filter incorporates Smart Pump technology which employs and electronic circuit board to monitor the pump ensuring powerful output and energy efficiency.
Self-starting just add water, plug in and Smart Pump will take over. Trapped air auto-evacuated every 12 hours to ensure maximum efficiency. This filter consumes 10% less electricity than its predecessor.
AquaStop valves feature click fit technology for fast set up and leak proof maintenance. The valves rotate for easy positioning. The filter is self-starting.
The heavy duty anti-clog telescopic intake ensures continuous flow and the twin return outlets can be adjusted to create specific water flows. There is a bottom purge valve for easy maintenance and flushing of the canister.
Good For Tropical, Coldwater and Marine aquariums.
-6 x Mechanical Filter Pads
-2 x Bio Foam Pads
-2 x 235g Bio Max Media
-1 x Carbon Foam Pad
-2 x Empty Media Sachets with lock clips
-3500 Litres per hour
-3 year warranty
-Australian Plug

Contains :

6 x Mechanical Pads 20, 2 x Bio Foam Pads 20 PPI, 2 x 235gm Biomax , 1 x Carbon Foam Pad 30, 2 Empty Sachets with lock clips, 2 Aquastop Valves, 4m ribbed hosing, 1m new drain hosing, 2 metal clamps, intake tube, extendable - 1500
intake strainer