Aquael Maxi Kani 250

Aqua Premium

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The Maxi Kani is a versatile canister filter with functions that are not found in other conventional canister filter.

Canisters in the Maxi Kani range are operated with an external pump which can be run both inline or submersed. This design change allows for the following.

  1. By running the pump submersed in the aquarium a Maxi Kani can operate at significantly lower water levels compared to other options.
  2. The flow control dial can be detached for servicing. This allows the pump to continually circulate water while the body of the canister can be disassembled and serviced without disturbing the aquarium.
  3. Since the pump can be run submerse the Maxi Kani does not rely on gravity to feed the canister body. This allows for the canister to be placed at the same height or even above the Aquarium.
  4. Running the pump submersed also results in a canister that is self priming requiring no priming pumps or other procedures.

The Maxi Kani also comes with a range of standard quality of life features found in other canisters like flow control, solid clamps and convenient handles.