OCTO LR-200 Light Reactor

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Latest Lights Reactor (2 models available)

?ôAn ideal add-on for the discerning hobbyist.

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Model No.: LR-150 & LR-200


Our LR Reactors are made with the most robust material to ensure that they adhere above the industry standards of keeping in shape and watertight. With our unique Triangular LEDs placement eradicating blind spots couple with optimum spectrum guarantees a quicker growth rate.

Harvest timeline can be easily controlled via the adjustable light intensifier should you wish to slow down the growth rate. Bundled with a 3 Tiers Strainer Basket to make harvesting a breeze.

Available in 2 models LR-150, LR-200

Warranty (against manufacturing defect):
2 years* pump motor only
1 year all other parts

Features & Benefits

1)Circulation Pump Included
2)High-Quality Hand Made acrylic construction
3)Removable 3 tiers strainer container for easy harvesting
4)Strainer Flip Stand for easy maintenance
5)Adjustable light intensity
6)IP67 Certified LEDs containment
7)Perfectly balance of light spectrum for optimal Chaetomorpha growth
8)Unique Triangular LEDs Strips placement for a balance of 360 degrees coverage
9)2 Years Warranty*

What's included

LR-150 LR-200
Article Code Items Model No. Qty Model No. Qty
A Lights Holder 1 1
A1 Holder Cover 1 1
A2 O ring 22*5 1 22*5 1
A3 Holder 1 1
A4 O ring 35*3 1 35*3 1
B Reactor Cover 1 1
C Strainer 1 1
C1 Screw M5*15 9 M5*15 9
C2 Holder 9 9
D O ring 145*4 1 203*3.5 1
E Screw M8*25 6 M8*25 8
F Chamber 1 1
G Threaded Nozzle 17/20mm 1 20mm 1
H Pump AQ-1200 1 AQ-2000 1
I Threaded Nozzle 20mm 1 25mm
J Outlet Nozzle 1 1
K O ring 22.2*2.4 1 28.8*3.1 1
L Lights L-410 1 L-410 1
M Lights Adjustable Switch 1 1
N Power Adapter DC12V / 2A 1 DC12V / 2A 1

Technical Data

Lights Reactor